You can click on Stream under the My Profile section on the left side bar to view your page. Here you can make posts, upload pictures, and edit your profile and cover photos.

You can edit your personal information by clicking About, located directly under Stream on the side bar. Here you can edit your name, birthday, and bio, as well as change the privacy settings for this information.

To make a post, go to "Stream" on the left side bar. Under the white bar that says "Say what is on your mind," you can select your desired post type: Text, Photo, Audio, Video, or Poll.

To update your profile picture, simply click on the existing avatar and upload your desired photo.

To update your cover picture, click on the camera on the upper right corner of the background image and upload your desired photo.

To edit your personal information, you can either select "Update Info" on the bottom right corner of your cover picture


Go to the "About" section on the left side bar and make any desired changes to your information and privacy settings.

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