Remember Where To Put Your Trust
April 29, 2020

Remember Where To Put Your Trust

Passage: Joshua 24:13-15

Bible Text: Joshua 24:13-15 | Preacher: Minister JC Yarde | There is a lot going on, as things try to reopen, and local and federal government try to establish new normal, we wonder if we are ready to step out there again. Some say it is too soon, while others say it is not enough, the experts say we do not have the tools in place to reopen and others warn of things getting a lot worst because re are opening to fast. Who to trust? Remember the One who has brought you thus far, the One who whispered your name this morning and woke you up, the One who died so that you might live! Remember the promise to those who are called by His name. “I will never leave nor forsake you”

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