The Discovery Book/Video Club

Books enrich our lives in many ways. Self-discovery can be found in the pages of the right book. Books can help face our deepest fears, in the pages of the right book, the answers we seek can be found.  We can live vicariously through the pages of books. In living, vicariously through books, we can find untapped skills and potential. 

Don’t have the time to attend a regular book club? That is okay! With our online book club come in and join the conversation on your time. With our private online forum and groups, you can express yourself on your time at your leisure.  for those of you who want to, meet, we will have live meetups with  good food and great conversations.

Self-discovery can also be found in a well written and directed movie. There are some great movies out there with some great characters that we can identify with on some kind of level. There are some great sermons out there base of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. We will have some movie nights where we will meet up to eat drink and watch a great movie and have an awesome discussion!

There is a small cost to be a part of this book club. You do not have to go in search of the books that will be read we will be sending them to you. The fees also cover the cost of the food and venue for our meetups.

The fee is: $15 per month or $30 Per Quarter