You can create Groups within the community for your church or just in general.
On the groups page you will be able to view all Groups that have been created within the community.

To add a new group click groups in the left Sidebar

You have the ability to search for a group as well as adding a new Group by clicking Create

On the Create a Group popup, fill out the form and choose if you want the group to be public or private.

After registration, they will have access to the community platform.
If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us!


Do you have items you’d like to sell or give away? You can do so by posting to the classified ads. Your ad will be visible to those within the Rising Hope Ministry community.

To post a new ad, click Classifieds on the left sidebar

On the Classifieds page you will be able to view all ads posted in the community

Click Create to post a new ad to the community.

Fill out the form with the proper information and your ad will be live!

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You can click on Stream under the My Profile section on the left side bar to view your page. Here you can make posts, upload pictures, and edit your profile and cover photos.

You can edit your personal information by clicking About, located directly under Stream on the side bar. Here you can edit your name, birthday, and bio, as well as change the privacy settings for this information.

To make a post, go to "Stream" on the left side bar. Under the white bar that says "Say what is on your mind," you can select your desired post type: Text, Photo, Audio, Video, or Poll.

To update your profile picture, simply click on the existing avatar and upload your desired photo.

To update your cover picture, click on the camera on the upper right corner of the background image and upload your desired photo.

To edit your personal information, you can either select "Update Info" on the bottom right corner of your cover picture


Go to the "About" section on the left side bar and make any desired changes to your information and privacy settings.

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Chat and Messaging

You can chat with your friends while on the site. 
You can send a message by doing the following:

Navigate to your friend's profile and click the chat icon located on the bottom right of the cover image

A pop up will open and allow you to send messages to your friend


Click the messages icon located on the top right side of the menu and click View All

Click New Message and select the friend you would like to message

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My Balance Points

Rising Hope Ministries wants to reward you for being active in the community. Each user will receive points for being socially active on the site.
Under the Schedule on the right sidebar, you will see “My Balance,” showing the number of points you have currently accumulated.

Once you have enough points, you will be able to use them to purchase items in the shop. In other words, Chatting + Commenting + Posting = Free Swag!

You can gain points by doing the following actions on the site:

New Post

Send a Message

New Comment

Add New Friend

Add New Stream Photo

Add New Profile Cover

Add New Profile Avatar

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Adding A Friend

Thanks for joining Rising Hope Ministries! We are a community. Here you can add your friends who are already on the site and invite friends and family to join the community as well.

To add a friend who is already on the platform, click on MEMBERS, located on the left sidebar under the Community Section.

The "Members" page will display the current members on the site. You can add friends by clicking ADD AS FRIEND. If you would like to invite a friend to join the community, feel free to forward the following link:

After registration, they will have access to the community platform.
If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us!